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The Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition (PICC) is a diverse coalition of over 50 member organizations and hundreds of individual members.  Our membership includes community groups, mutual assistance associations, nonprofit social and legal service providers, advocacy organizations, labor unions, faith communities, community leaders and concerned individuals.  Our mission is to advance immigrants’ rights and promote immigrants’ full integration into society by advocating with a unified voice for greater public understanding and welcoming public policies throughout Pennsylvania.  

Through coalitions and taskforces, PICC leads and supports campaigns to advance immigrant rights at the local, state and federal levels, and to ensure effective implementation of pro-immigrant public policies.  PICC builds immigrant electoral power through voter registration, turnout and citizenship promotion and provides information, training and leadership development to immigrant communities and immigrant-serving organizations.

Immigrants make significant economic, civic, and cultural contributions to Pennsylvania. Click here to read more.

Need an immigration lawyer? PICC does not provide legal services for immigrants and refugees. Please refer to our legal services resource page for providers in Pennsylvania and other helpful information.

Vote buttonEach year, PICC volunteers help thousands of new citizens register to vote. We are always interested in finding more volunteers! Click here to find out more information about volunteering with PICC's Civic Engagement Project.


Featured Volunteer


Evelyn Williams, moved to the US in 1987 from Jamaica and became a citizen in 1998. Evelyn has been volunteering with PICC since December 2014.

"I signed up to volunteer because I think voter registration and civic engagement is important. I wish they had voter registration after my citizenship ceremony, maybe more people could have registered right away instead of waiting so long. I didn't register to vote until I got my drivers license a year later.

I would recommend this program to anyone, it is fun and makes you feel like you are accomplishing a lot. I enjoy interacting with people from all over the world, the volunteers and PICC's staff too, they are really nice. I want to volunteer as long as I can!


2015/16 Priorities

PICC’s 2015/16 advocacy priorities, as decided by members on March 23, 2015, are:

Federal Immigration Reform
PICC is committed to advocating for just and humane immigration reform that keeps families together, promotes family unification, prevents exploitation of immigrant workers and provides a clear pathway to citizenship.

Education Justice
Tuition Equity: PICC supports tuition equity policies that provide undocumented students with increased opportunity to pursue higher education.
Fair Funding for Schools: PICC is a member of the Campaign for Fair Education Funding.

Driver's Licenses for All
PICC is supporting the campaign of community groups advocating for access to uniform or unmarked licenses for all drivers in Pennsylvania regardless of immigration status.

PICC supports efforts to assure just and safe working conditions for all immigrants and refugees.
Minimum Wage Campaign: PICC is a member of the Raise the Wage PA campaign, calling for a raise of the PA minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.